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Finding the Perfect Fit: Sealed Switches

"You Get What You Pay For"

Made in the USA

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Big Hands, Big Gloves

Epic 40th Birthday Celebration

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3 Lessons Learned from Bringing a New Technology to an Old Industry

Xymox School of Screen Printing (XSSP)

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence (Video)

Xymox Case Study: When Off-the-Shelf Touch Screens Just Won't Cut It

Myth: Touch Screens Don't Work When Wet

Medical Research Brings New Meaning to "Enabling the Power of Touch®"

Focused on Results

Conventional Graphic Ink vs. UV Graphic Ink - What's the Difference?

Force & Adhesive Testing Can Prevent Field Failures

Xymox Won 4 Golden Image Awards

Apple Buys Victorinox

Xymox Corporate Look Ahead

Printed Sensor Tails

Self-Capacitive and Mutual-Capacitive Sensors...Round 2

Screen Printing 101

What is Resistance and Why Does it Matter?

PEDOT, aka Magic Water

Deciding Between a Custom Touch Sensor Solution or Off-the-Shelf?

Optical Punch, What is it and Why Use it?

What is Total Quality Management?

You Asked, We Answered: Printed NFC Antenna

Interns Give Xymox a Fresh Perspective

What Happens to Your Touch Sensor When a Display Goes End of Life?

You Asked, We Answered: Silver Ink

Color Matching

You Asked, We Answered: Graphic Printing

Membrane Switch Outdoor Application Considerations

Touch Sensors, What Costs Do I Need to Consider?

What is ISO 9001:2015?


Xymox, What's in a Name?

What is the Difference Between a Scratch & an Abrasion?

Touch Sensors: Self Capacitance & Mutual Capacitance

What Should Your Lens Be Made Out of?

You Asked, We Answered: Product Testing

Company Culture, Which Hogwarts House Best Describes Your Company?

Manufacturing: Proactive vs. Reactive

Capacitive Sensors are More than Touch Screens

Construction of a Touch Sensor

You Asked, We Answered: Adhesives

Making the Switch (from Membrane Switch to Touch Sensor)

Touch Sensors: Capacitive vs. Resistive

What are Membrane Switch Connectors?

Capacitive Touch Controllers

Membrane Switches: Polyester, Not Polycarbonate

Mind the Gap

What is a Galvanic Reaction?

Tactile or Non-Tactile, That is the Question

Indicator Light Colors for Best UX

Membrane Switch: How Many Buttons are Too Many Buttons?

Supply Chain & Redesign Realities

Touch Sensors: Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom

4 Ways to Reduce Scrap

Uncompromised Touch Sensor Design

Customer User Experience

Anti-(fill in the blank) Materials for Interfaces

Safety is No Accident at Xymox

Can Conductive Ink be Stretched?

Capacitive Sensor Styles: Matrix vs. Discrete vs. Slider

Die Cut vs. Laser

Increased Efficiency and Quality

4 Things Design Engineers Want You to Know

What are Backlit Hot Spots and How to Prevent Them

What is PEDOT?

Picture Post: Membrane Switches in the Real World

Just for Fun: Xymox at the Zoo

How Does a Capacitive Sensor Work?

Robots in Action

Designing for Harsh Environments (Infographic)

Growing Interest in the Manufacturing Trades

Printing Technology Spotlight: Fine Line Printing

Ink: Conductive, Carbon, or Blend

How It's Manufactured: Conductive Silver Ink (Video)

Benefits of Working with a USA Based Manufacturer

Your Job Matters

10 Things to Look for in a Supplier

Enfucell Printed Batteries Emphasizes Quality

What is a Membrane Switch?

Copper on Kapton vs. Printed Silver on Polyester

How to Prevent Membrane Switch Failures

EMV and PCI Join Forces to Battle Credit Card Fraud

Printing Technology Spotlight: CST Machine

ESD, it's shocking!

Breakaway Ink, Not So Annoying After All

What is Functional Printing?

NFC Antennas - As if Communication Needed to be Made Easier...

Are Design Engineers Magicians?

I Bet You Care About Clean Rooms More Than You Realize!

Xymox Gets a Visit from Local Law Enforcement

Cambrios Technologies Sells Off its Assets.

What is a Printed Battery and Why is it Such a Hot Topic?

We're Going to SID Display Week 2016!

When Membrane Switch or Capacitve Touch Designs Just Won't Cut It

Press Release from Enfucell

Best Supplier Award

Microchip Announces Partnership with Xymox

'Printed Electronics Now' Writes about Xymox

Kodak Announces Partnership with Xymox

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