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Be the Spark!

Posted by Angie Hartline on

Xymox had the honor of giving a tour of our facility to 28 Milwaukee Public School 7th grade students.

"The mission of the [Be the Spark] program is to spark a student’s interest in a potential job or career so they can begin developing the skills and education pathways essential to their future success. These tours allow students to see that future beginning at one of Milwaukee’s exceptional local business." - Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC)

Station 1: We demonstrated how Engineering designs membrane switch and touch sensor parts in layers, and then use adobe illustrator to stack all the layers on top of each other to ensure registration is correct. They also showed examples of exploded assembly drawings to demonstrate how the layers go together in production.

Xymox BTS1   Xymox BTS7

Station 2: We had an interactive station where the students were given a brief overview of our end of line testing and our new cobot. The students were allowed to create their own program. By far, this was the highlight of the tour.

Xymox BTS5   Xymox BTS8

Station 3:  We showed how the Dome and SMT Machines are utilize technology to pick and place very small components in a fast and repeatable process. The students were amazed how small LED lights were.

Xymox BTS4   Xymox BTS6

Station 4: We displayed how the layers from Engineering were used to create screens on the CST and then gave a brief overview on screen printing.

Xymox BTS2   Xymox BTS3

Check out this Be the Spark video created by MMAC: