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Hybrid Interfaces

Posted by Angie Hartline on

Membrane switches are known to be rugged and reliable - the technology has been around for a few decades, it is tried and true. Touch sensors are the "now" in technology, how many times have you approached a “screen” and touched it expecting it to do something? Today, people are surrounded by touch sensors all day, every day. What if an application wants the best of both worlds, or as some might say, "have your cake and eat it too"?...combine them into one interface solution - a hybrid interface!

This solution is often used for critical applications where the machine needs to be reliable and the actions repeatable (without false touches or errors), while still providing the flexibility of a touch sensor and a good user experience. The thing people most often love about membrane switches is the crisp tactile feel (created by metal or polyester domes), which is difficult to get on a touch sensor. However, touch sensors can present unlimited menu screens, all it takes is a simple swipe (or touch of the next page button) - combining the two technologies allows users the perfect mix.

Another thing to add to the list of perks, the touch screen is optically bonded to the membrane graphic window, meaning the two sensors, the membrane switch and touch sensor, are put together with a water-clear adhesive to the graphic layer, making the top layer one surface with no cutouts, gaps, or spaces. This type of construction is conducive to most environments, preventing discoloration from water ingress or bubbles on the screen between the layers.

XyTouch (web size).png

Critical applications require high performing switches, whether that be just a membrane switch, just a touch sensor, or a hybrid interface combining the two, you need the best. Does this sound like the perfect solution for your application? Let our design engineers help you to have your cake and eat it too! or click here to learn more about Xymox XyTouch solution!