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Xymox Case Study: When Off-the-Shelf Touch Screens Just Won't Cut It

Posted by Angie Hartline on


Company C was looking to design a new touch interface that would be scalable to multiple application platforms, giving various products the same look & feel and only requiring software changes. They have used off the shelf/traditional touch displays in the past, but knowing that user experience is critical to their success, along with requirements of interface functionality in cold temperatures, Company C needed a custom capacitive touch solution. 

*side note: off-the-shelf touch sensors typically come adhered directly to the display, this leaves companies having to compromise their design to fit within standard size offerings. See: Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom

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Topics: touch sensor, capacitive sensor, capacitive touch

Xymox Won 4 Golden Image Awards

Posted by Angie Hartline on

The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) held their annual Golden Image Awards at the 2018 SGIA Expo. The Golden Image Awards, previously known as the Golden Squeegee Awards, celebrates industry-leading excellence and covers almost every item, no matter how complex, created by specialty imaging. Nearly 100 companies from around the world entered the competition, submitting several hundred entries in 53 product categories. If you print it, there is a category for you.

Xymox submitted four examples of screen printed electronics from client projects in 2018. All four Xymox entries received awards!

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Topics: conductive ink, silver ink, printed circuits, printed traces, membrane switch, membrane switches, printed circuit, screen printing, touch sensor, capacitive sensor, capacitive touch, backlighting, tactile switch, backlit icons

Apple Buys Victorinox

Posted by Dean Hotvet on

Frustrated with its California design team only squeezing 15 different sensors into it the wrist band of the latest Apple Watch, the Cupertino giant goes to the homeland of fine handmade time pieces, Switzerland, to buy Victorinox, the originator of the world’s first do-everything-tool, the Swiss Army Knife.

DISCLAIMER: The above is totally made-up and more in line with The Onion than the Xymox Blog.

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Topics: membrane switch, membrane switches, touch sensor, capacitive sensor, capacitive touch

Self-Capacitive and Mutual-Capacitive Sensors...Round 2

Posted by Angie Hartline on

You may remember the first blog post on this topic which included Snoop Dogg and rubber snakes. It was so popular, it actually brought down the website….twice. Not really, but if interested in the first segment, click HERE.

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Topics: touch sensor, capacitive sensor, capacitive touch, self-capacitive, mutual-capacitive